Project Management – Precedence Diagramming Method & Leads and Lags

Precedence Diagramming Method (PDM) PDM is a technique used to show a logical relationship between activities. It shows the sequence in which those activities are needed to be performed. Activities are categorized into predecessor and successor, and they have four types of dependencies between them.  By definition, a predecessor activity comes before a successor activity, […]

Project Management – RACI Chart

People are the most important resource to a project’s success. The right people have to be in the right place for a project’s success. Human resources are part of the overall project plan. Each task should be matched up to a person, in the most appropriate capacity. It helps to have the team members identified […]

Agile Project Management – KANBAN

Kanban is a “lean method” used to control the amount of work that is undertaken at any given time. This process follows the mindset of “just in time” delivery of results or refreshing inventory/resources. Kanban boards aid in envisioning the workflow through the system (and help in identifying bottlenecks). Each column represents tasks that need […]

Agile Project Management – OODA Loop

This blog post will talk about a very practical way of managing projects in real-time, while keeping an Agile mindset. OODA Loop stands for Observe – Orient – Decide – Act Loop. This method is about continuous monitoring, adapting and decision making. It is essentially a flow diagram to monitor and implement ideas quickly. OODA […]