Project Management – Teamwork (Part 2)

Tuckman’s Stages of Development Dr. Bruch Tuckman created a model that discusses the different stages a team goes through as team members learn to work together more effectively. Forming: During the ‘Forming’ stage, team members begin to figure out their roles on the team. People try to seek clarity Storming During the ‘Storming’ stage, team […]

Project Management – Teamwork (Part 1)

The PMBOK Guide defines a project team as a “set “set of individuals, groups and/or organizations, including all contractors and consultants that are responsible to the project manager for undertaking project tasks.” Another definition for a team given in the book, The Fast Forward MBA in Project Management by Eric Verzuh, is “A team is […]

Project Management – Time Logging & Task Prioritization

As a PM, time prioritization is crucial. It goes without saying that choosing to do one task implies that there is a trade off with another task. In order to be efficient with my time, I logged all my “work related” activities to learn about my time usage and how it can be improved. Stephen […]