Agile Project Management – KANBAN


Kanban is a “lean method” used to control the amount of work that is undertaken at any given time. This process follows the mindset of “just in time” delivery of results or refreshing inventory/resources.

Kanban boards aid in envisioning the workflow through the system (and help in identifying bottlenecks). Each column represents tasks that need to be completed before those tasks can be moved to the next column. Individual tasks are pulled out of a column as and when they are completed.

Kanban method can be implemented at any step during the course of the project, and there are no inherent limitations in using it.

It can be used for the following purposes – Focusing on continuous delivery, increasing productivity and quality, adjusting to variability in workload and reducing time wastage.

The focus is on getting the work done and limiting the number of items that are “Work In Progress”

Below is a sample Kanban board that I used during my WiFi deployment project. I used  it for determining how much work is completed and how much isn’t. A big deployment project goes through various uncertainties. This board helped me keep track of tasks, since it gives me a visual understanding of how the project was proceeding. Also, the team members associated with each tasks knew if they were lagging behind in their deliverable. I used the Kanban board during meetings, so everyone had a clear picture of the project status.Capture

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